EDU365 Portals & LMS

Engage parents, teachers and pupils by sharing vital information

Communication is key to ensuring your whole school community is working together to boost pupil achievement. With the EDU365 Web Portals & LMS, you can share information with parents, teachers and pupils instantly and securely, enabling online access to vital school data, anytime, anywhere - including information already stored in SIMS.

You can engage parents more fully by giving them the information they need to support their child effectively, including details of attendance, behavior, assignments due and a history of marks & gradings.

With secure web access to SIMS data your staff can work more flexibly with no need to upload or store information anywhere else. At the same time, you’ll make significant savings for school communications in administration time and photocopying costs.

Key Features

For Schools

  • Customisable portal in your control: Reflect your school’s specific requirements, including branding and logos. Control the information you share, including making instant changes to user access, essential for child protection.
  • Edit attendance, behaviour and homework details: Graphical and editable views of attendance, assessment and behaviour data. Homework can be set, reviewed and marked/graded, from wherever your staff have an internet connection.
  • Remote access to key information: Staff can access, edit and drill down into SIMS live data remotely from laptops and tablet devices, enabling them to work more flexibly.
  • Easily accessible pupil view: Pupils take more responsibility for their progress when they can access their behaviour and assessment data, as well as all assignments. Reduce print costs by displaying timetables.

For Parents

  • Easy access to real-time SIMS data: Schools decide which data to display, from assessment marks and behaviour to reports and registration, Parents can check their child has arrived safely and be more involved in their learning.
  • Enhanced assignment/ set work area: Parents can better support pupil progress by being able to view their childs assignments and resultant status, as well as the teacher’s comments and assessment mark.
  • Accessible via tablet and mobile browser: With dedicated mobile views, even the busiest parents can access information, including attendance, behaviour/achievement points and timetables.
  • Online data collection from parents: Parents can check and update information online, ensuring the school is alerted to any changes in personal or contact details.

mobileviewParent screen view

  • Keeping up with school events and announcements is easy.
  • Just moments after registration parents can check that their child has arrived at school.
  • Parents can fill in their contact details as and when they need to with the online data collection form.
  • Parents can access data on their child’s achievement and behaviour, and click through to the assessment graphs for more detail.
  • Screen can be customised with school logo and branding.

Parent and pupil mobile view

  • Parents can see their child’s timetable including room location, lesson times and teachers.
  • Pupils can view their data and access their timetable, reducing the need to print extra copies.
  • Instant information is available for parents on their child’s attendance, behaviour, homework and achievement.


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